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Vihiga CC Moves to Restore Security in Luanda  

Five people have been killed in three weeks in the Luanda sub-county in the wake of insecurity in the area occasioned by drug peddling and incidences of robbery with violence in the area.

Vihiga County Commissioner (CC) Felix Watakila has said there is an armed gang that was working with some rogue police officers to rob and terrorize the residents at night.

Mr. Watakila, who spoke during a security public forum at the Mulukhoro area in Bunyore West location, ordered the transfer of the implicated officers and banned motorcycle operators dubbed Usiku Sacco that are accused of transporting the criminals.

The administrator disclosed that Luanda township is a hub of trade in contraband goods that originate from a neighboring country, hence attracting an influx of migrants including outlaws.

John Olenya, a Bodaboda association official, appealed to the relevant government authorities to restore security so that they work in a secure environment.

The CC promised to ensure the criminals are arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

By  Sammy Mwibanda

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