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War on Illicit Brews

The  Meru  County  Commissioner (CC), Allan  Machari  has ordered chiefs and assistant chiefs to conduct crackdowns  on  illicit  brews  under  the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI).

Speaking  in  his  office  on Tuesday, the CC urged the officers to intensify war on illicit brews, so  as  to  eliminate  the  vice.

Machari   pointed out that illicit brews are slowly returning into the community, and that culture will not be tolerated.

He  said the brews have highly contributed in rendering majority of youths and men unproductive.

“Let’s all join hands in the fight against brews which are slowly destroying our future generation,” he said.

He gave brewers stern warning, adding that the culprits will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“Illicit  brew has been a threat in Meru County owing to cheap liquor in villages and towns. We want the county to be free  of illicit brews and drug abuse,” said Machari.

The  CC also urged residents to join government in the war against drug abuse, especially among the youthful population  which if not checked would hamper economic growth of the country.

Meanwhile, Machari  said  his  administration has declared war against proliferation of gambling machines which he said  have  become conduits  for criminal activities.

He  said many criminals use the gambling dens to plan their moves hence his administration has intensified swoops to  weed  out illegal betting business.

“We  cannot thrive through gambling. We have to tell our youth to embrace hard work instead of wanting short cuts that  have criminal tendencies,” said the CC.

He  said gambling has contributed to various vices in the society, such as theft and school dropouts.

“We  shall confiscate all those gambling machines and close up shops operating them,” he said.

By  Elvis  Mugambi/Muguongo  Judy

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