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Non members to vacate group ranch to pave way for demarcation

More  than  50 families that have encroached the Loosuk Group Ranch in Samburu central sub county will have to vacate  to pave  way for the subdivision of the 15,560-acre land to members.

The Loosuk Group Ranch Chairman, Petikas Lelendu  told  KNA that over the years, non-members have settled as they  fled  insecurity from Samburu north and their numbers have increased surpassing that of the original group ranch members.

“Most  squatters  fled Baragoi and Marti  areas due to insecurity and we gave them a temporary place to settle but we have already issued them with vacation notice to facilitate smooth subdivision of the community land into individual title deeds,” he said.

Lelendu  said  that  surveyors have already mapped out social amenities and out of the 15,560 acres, all of the 220 members will each get 57 acres of land.

“After  consultation  with members, we  have  set  aside 12,676 acres  for agricultural land, 26.4 acres for public utilities, education  56 acres, 30 acres for commercial purposes, transport 421 acres, riparian land will consume 447 acres, while conservation will take 1,899 acres,” he said.

The  group ranch chairman called upon beneficiaries to involve their families in making key decisions regarding land use to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the family.

“After  getting  your title deed, avoid land ownership wrangles by involving your wives and children especially when you  want  to  sell land,” he said.

Group members expressed optimism on individual land ownership, saying that they will use the land to improve their lives.

Area  Chief, Phillip  Leruno  advised his colleagues to start farming since Loosuk is an agricultural area and take advantage of crop insurance from the agriculture ministry since its cheap.

He  reminded the men that they have children and will need that land in future.

By  Robert  Githu

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