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Water project to serve 8,000 people

The national government has handed over a Sh. 96 million water project to communities residing in Merti and Korbesa areas in Isiolo County.

The Sh. 96.7 million-project will reduce the distance people used to walk in search of water and also save the government’s Sh. 30 million to distribute water in Merti Sub County using trucks every year.

The special programmes Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Mr. Abdul Bahari said that the government expenditure would benefit 8,000 people in Korbesa, Mata-arba and Saleti who would be getting fresh water from Merti town, 24 km away.

Speaking while commissioning the Merti- Korbesa water project Saturday, Mr. Bahari said that the government laid water pipes along the 24 km stretch from Merti town to Korbesa and will extend the water supply to Biliqi which is three kilometers away in the next phase.

The CAS said that six schools, four dispensaries and 11,000 livestock in the area will also have a closer access to the water supply points.

He added that despite government efforts to build drought resilience, climate changes continue to erode the gains but the government with support from other partners is all out to save local people’s lives and livelihoods.

Mr. Bahari who was also accompanied by National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) national chairman Mr. Raphael Nzomo and the Chief Executive Officer Rtd. Col. Hared Hassan said that alongside relief food distribution to Counties affected by drought, the government launched the emergency relief cash transfer programme in December last year and a total of Sh. 1.5 billion was allocated countrywide where Isiolo County received Sh. 93.3 million to help 9,135 households.

He added that the national government has also released Sh 8.6 billion to the vulnerable groups under Inua jamii cash transfer programme for March-April and May-June 2022 where payment for 6,335 households in Isiolo was ongoing.

The CAS said that already herders from Korbesa, Saleti, Biliqi, Mata-arba and Yamicha have received 2,000 litres of fuel from the government to help them ease the burden of the cost of pumping water from the local boreholes.

The National Drought Management Authority chairman Mr. Nzomo said his organization was implementing the hunger safety net programme where 101,800 households from Turkana, Mandera, Wajir, and Marsabit counties would benefit.

He added that four other counties of Isiolo, Garissa, Tana River and Samburu which have 32,000 needy households would be included in the hunger safety net programme with Isiolo County having 7,027 recipients.

Mr. Nzomo challenged the local people to use levies accrued from water supply to maintain borehole machines, water pipe lines while the NDMA would continue supporting them by providing an alternative green energy source of power which is cheaper and affordable compared to use of fuel.

He provided two motorbikes for security operation and aiding in maintenance of pipelines.

By Abduba Mamo

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