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We will evaluate Harambee in our sanctuaries, Olé Sapit

The  Anglican Church Archbishop, Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit has said time has come for the church to evaluate holding of fund-raisers in their sanctuaries as a way of supporting the fight against corruption.

Ole Sapit is of the view that whereas the Anglican church acknowledges the role Harambee spirit has played in the development of the society, politicians as Christians are expected to worship God with their resources quietly as the Bible teaches.

He noted that corruption levels have gone to unimaginable levels and is being heavily felt by ordinary Kenyans, especially the poor who have declared full support in the ongoing fight against corruption.

Sapit  urged all Anglican Church bishops to shun partisan politics and also as not allow harambees become a subtle way of sanitizing the corrupt leaders. “The hope for a better tomorrow has been killed by reckless and unbridled greed, leaving the poor to face the brunt consequences of the runaway corruption,” he said.

Briefing the media in Nairobi on Monday, the Archbishop said that a huge chunk of taxes goes towards servicing external debt with little left for development.

“It should worry all of us that trillions stolen over the years is stashed in foreign accounts,” he said, adding corruption in Kenya has become a cancerous bondage.

Corruption has found haven in the national and county governments, Judiciary, legislatures, private sector, civil institutions and also in religious organizations.

State institutions mandated to fight corruption are deliberately being undermined, discredited, neglected or unfunded to weaken them,” he said.

Ole Sapit also discouraged other church leaders from giving politicians a chance to talk politics in churches in the name of being chief guests during funds drives.

By  Yvonne  Kadzo

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