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Wei Wei Project to Boost Food Production in West Pokot

Phase Three of the Wei Wei Integrated Development project is set to boost food production in West Pokot County once it kicks off.

According to Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) Director Sammy Naporos, the project will increase farming from the current 325 hectares to 802 hectares making more residents to benefit from the project.

The project is a joint collaboration between Kenya and Italy unto which the government has pumped in Sh1billion to the project, the contractor saying they are unable to ship the necessary machinery from Italy to effect its completion.

During an inspection tour of West Pokot on Tuesday, Naporos told the Regional Development Implementation Coordination Committee RDICC that the projects will promote food security and capacity building with 1,500 families set to benefit.

“The project will enable residents to gain knowledge in crop farming, prevention of soil erosion and help improve their livelihoods. Phase Three has two components that is the civil work and capacity building,” said Naporos.

By Anthony Melly

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