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West Pokot residents encouraged to plant more trees

West Pokot residents have been encouraged to plant more trees to help increase forest cover in the county and combat the effects of climate change.

The County Director of Environment in West Pokot Mr Cliff Barkatch encouraged all residents living within West Pokot County to ensure they plant more trees that would help increase the forest cover and combat climate changes.

This comes as the world prepares to celebrate the World Environment Day which is normally held on June 5 every year.

World Environment Day is a day of encouraging people around the world about the importance of protecting our environment and that nature should not be taken for granted but must be respected as it will enable us to have a healthy ecosystem.

“We want to increase awareness on the importance of forest cover and trees planting to all residents in the county,” Barkatch said.

The County Director urged all residents to plant more trees which have been depleting due to climate change and if households within the county could plant trees in their lands that would really help conserve and prevent our environment from degradation.

Mr Barkatch warned residents that soon if they ignore conservation of the environment, their cows will have no pasture and water due to effects of global warming which they can prevent by having more trees planted in their places of residence.

By Anthony Melly

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