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Woman attacked and raped in her house in Ndhiwa Sub County

A 21 year old woman was Thursday attacked and raped in her house at Nyambere village in North East Kanyamwa Location of Ndhiwa Sub County, Homa Bay County.

An unknown thug reportedly broke into her house at around 2 am when the woman was asleep and committed the heinous act.

Confirming the incident to KNA on Friday, the area acting Chief Jane Atieno said that the suspect, who was armed with a knife broke the door and forcefully entered the bedroom where he attacked the victim threatening to kill her before raping her.

Chief Atieno added that during the incident the woman was alone in the house since her husband spent a night in Rongo and the suspect took advantage to commit the offence after threatening to kill the woman should she have raised an alarm for help.

The administrator further said that after the incident, the suspect stole five tins of groundnuts from the woman’s store and escaped.

The officer said that her office has liaised with police officers from Ndhiwa police station who have launched manhunt for the suspects.

The woman was taken to Homa bay county Referral Hospital for medical examination.
By Davis Langat

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