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Women leaders vow to champion for development and national unity

Women leaders from across the political divide have vowed to ensure the country’s development agenda is realised.

The  leaders  who have coalesced under a caucus dubbed ‘Embrace Kenya’ on Friday stated that they will follow up to  ensure  funds factored in the 2019/2020 budget are utilised appropriately.

They  observed that many development projects meant to benefit thousands of Kenyans have flopped after allocated funds  were  misappropriated by greedy leaders.

The  women leaders led by Kirinyaga Governor, Ann  Waiguru and Murang’a County Women Representative, Sabina  Chege  said that  as female leaders they will not  sit back and watch public funds being misappropriated noting that they will be in the forefront in fighting corruption.

Waiguru  noted  that public funds  should be channeled to projects which will uplift Kenyans who pay taxes to the government.

She  reiterated  that President Uhuru Kenyatta is working hard to leave a better legacy and thus as women leaders they  will  support him to achieve his development agenda.

The  leaders  who  were drawn from Jubilee, ODM, Wiper and Kanu political parties, lauded the handshake initiative between  President Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, saying the handshake has brought peace and tranquility in the country.

Waiguru,  who  was  the  Chief guest in a function held at Kimorori  grounds  in Murang’a dismissed those who are undermining the handshake, saying that leaders under Embrace Kenya  will tour every county to propagate for cohesion and national unity.

“Women  suffer  the  most  when  war  and political tensions arise in the country. We have declared this country will not  experience  any  war again because of elections,” stated  Waiguru.

She  stressed  that Mount Kenya region  will continue supporting the President as their political kingpin faulting those who  are  engaged in politics of 2022 elections.

“The handshake was not easily attained. It involved a lot of commitment and dedication and as Mount Kenya leaders we will not abandon the President in his quest for unity and fight on corruption,” stated the Governor.

Her  sentiments  were echoed by Homa Bay Women Representative, Gladys  Wanga  who observed that women should not tire in fighting for one untied country.

In  previous  general elections, Wanga said the country was divided in the middle with one part supporting Jubilee and the  other the opposition coalition and thus creating an unfriendly environment for investors.

“After  the handshake  traders  and  business people are now free to travel to any part of the country and conduct their  businesses without fear of attack. The President and Opposition leader, Odinga have brought peace in the country and that cannot be undermined,” added Wanga.

On  her  part, Chege asked all leaders from Mount Kenya region to rally behind the President and his government.

“The  President  has asked us to shun early campaigns and when time for campaigns will come, everyone interested to  be  elected  will have a chance to sell his manifesto to Kenyans, but for now let’s work for our people,” added Chege.

The  women  leaders further decried increased cases of assault, insults and killings meted out on women.

They  vowed  to  ensure rights of women are respected saying even in the parliament they are being intimidated by their  male  colleagues.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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