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World Bank begins to assess progress of Sh.28 billion-funded projects in 45 counties

Bomet  was one of the 45 counties which benefited from Sh.28 billion grant from the World Bank under the Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) to upgrade town infrastructure.

The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development has begun assessing the performance of the works in the urban centres which received the World Bank sponsorship.

The projects are currently ongoing at the 59 selected municipalities across the 45 counties done by Apex Consulting Africa Limited (ACAL).

The Bomet County Chief Officer for Urban Planning and Housing, Joseph Kebenei said the County received Sh168 million which went to the upgrading of infrastructure around Bomet town.

“The money the County received was put to good use contrary to reports that it has been embezzled. We did car parking, expanded the town roads and connected residential homes to the sewer line system,” he said.

Among the conditions set out by the ministry to the counties to receive the funds was to set up municipal boards.

The Consultancy Company is conducting the assessment of the projects which were now at its final stages on behalf of the ministry.

The main objective of the programme is to strengthen urban institutions and help create systems to deliver improved infrastructure and services for the public.

Nairobi and Mombasa have been exempted as they were seen to be more developed and previously benefited from other World Bank funded projects.

Speaking  in  Bomet town, an ACAL representative, Morrison Ngare  said they were moving across the 45 counties checking the progress of the works based on the score card developed by the ministry.

Ngari  said they wanted to establish if the benefiting counties adhered to stipulations given to them in implementing these projects.

He  stated that they were also evaluating and accessing the projects to ascertain if the particular counties have met the necessary minimum performance conditions.

“We are moving around these counties checking whether the works have started, what is being done on the ground and also if sites for the works are available,” Ngari told the press in Bomet.

He  noted that entire projects would be completed in the next one-two months with some set to be finalised in two weeks’ time.

Kebenei said the ongoing projects included laying of cabro-works at market stalls, re-carpeting of 1.5 kilometers of roads within the town, expansion of sewer lines and building drainage for storm water are on course.

By  Joseph  Obwocha

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