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Youth encouraged to maximize their potential

The youth in Melelo, Narok South Sub County are being encouraged to reach their full potential for a brighter future.

Stanley Yiaile, a lecturer at Maasai Mara University, advised youths to avoid unproductive jobs like drug abuse, clubbing, and social media; instead, they should engage in productive business.

Yiaile emphasizes the importance of utilizing time effectively to realize one’s potential, stating that it is the greatest possession of any human being. Yiaile addressed the negative peer pressure among the youth, urging them to focus on their lives instead.

He warned that if we don’t fully enjoy our youthful days, we may regret the rest of our lives. Parents have been urged to support their children in obtaining tertiary education to enable them to become professionals and contribute to society’s development.

When a girl becomes pregnant, he added, let the parents take her back to school to continue with her education instead of marrying her off to elderly people. The speaker encourages parents to provide girls with a second chance at education and not rush into marriage due to a single mistake. Yiaile urged young people to reject sex before marriage and focus on their studies to achieve life excellence.

Murani Mintilla, a journalist from the Melelo area, also encouraged the young people to take advantage of technology to make new inventions and earn money.

By Ann Salaton

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