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ActionAid swings into action

The  ActionAid, a non-government organization and her stakeholders have swung into action in the fight against Covid-19 disease by donating hand washing containers, soap and water to residents of Makima Ward in Embu County.

The donation worth Sh.242, 640 included 40 water containers (of 210litres and 20litres), 500 pieces of bar soap and 50,000 litres of water that would be supplied over several days.

The  ActionAid Makima Partnership Support Unit Team Leader, Mwachidudu Chimera oversaw the handing over the items during a brief meeting at Makima Assistant County Commissioner’s Office.

“The donation will help the public visiting the local markets and government offices to wash their hands; a hygienic practice that the Ministry of Health is promoting to curb the infection and spread of Covid-19,” said Chimera.

He explained that they worked closely with government administrators to identify places where the public visit in large numbers for supplying the anti-covid-19 handwashing facilities.

“We will deliver 50,000 litres of water to various parts of Makima to facilitate handwashing. We want to avoid a situation where people have containers and soap but lack water. We appeal to residents to observe hand washing and social distancing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus,” said Chimera.

He further revealed that their partner Davis and Shirtliff repaired a pump that supplies water from River Thiba, but which had broken down after heavy rains.

“Davis and Shirtliff transported the pump to Nairobi for repair, reinstalled it and tested it at a cost of Sh.220, 000 hence water flow has been restored to the places served by the pump,” he added.

Chimera warned residents against violating social distancing rules, especially boda boda riders who carried more than one passenger and the people who failed to wear masks, exposing the community to dangers of contracting the dreaded disease.

The Makima Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Misopir Sankei issued a stern warning to people who were violating the government guidelines meant to fight the disease.

At the same venue, the  Makima Women Rights Organisation Chairlady, Mary Makau raised concern that cases of defilement were on the rise in the area during the Covid-19 pandemic period now that schools are closed.

“Defilers do it with impunity thinking that the law will not catch up with them as courts are not operating normally,” said Makau.

She further said that several suspects have been arrested, and has appealed to the government to ensure the offenders faced the full force of the law to serve as a warning to others.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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