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Adhere to government directive on sale of alcohol

Bar  and Restaurant owners have been told to religiously adhere to the government directive prohibiting the sale of alcohol.

Speaking  to  the press after an induction exercise for the second group of workers for the National Hygiene Programme  at Busia Stadium on Tuesday, the Busia County Commissioner (CC), Joseph Kanyiri said that the businessmen should not wait for the National Government Administration officers to use force in implementing the directive.

“So let us not find anybody operating a bar, club or any other place for sale of alcoholic drinks or traditional brews within the villages,” he warned.

Kanyiri directed chiefs to follow up the matter within their areas of jurisdiction to ensure compliance by all the local residents.

He also urged public service vehicle owners and drivers to ensure that they have hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers and carry only the recommended number of passengers in their vehicles.

“Transport companies should have all their employees tested for Covid-19 and sensitize their passengers to stay safe,” he said warning that those found flouting the guidelines will be arrested and their vehicles impounded.

The CC stated that his team will mount road blocks at various points with a view to check whether the motorists are compliant.

“Every PSV must have a register of passengers carried to various destinations at all times,” he said adding that temperatures of each passenger should be taken before boarding the vehicle.

Kanyiri pointed out that there are some PSV operators who are flouting the Ministry of health directives and talking arrogantly to complaining passengers adding that such arrogant people will be tamed by his team.

On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta issued an indefinite ban on sale of alcohol across the country following the upsurge of Covid-19 cases adding that hotels and restaurants will close down at 7.00 pm.

By  Salome Alwanda

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