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An elderly woman seeks for justice over her land

An  elderly  woman from Kanyuambora village in Runyenjes is seeking justice to have her 10 acre piece of land back.

Anisia  Muringo, 60, said  her  land  was  sold  by  her  late husband, Misheck  Njeru  without  her  knowledge  five  years  ago.

She  narrated how  Njeru  who was a habitual drunkard had sold a portion of the land however through court intervention the portion was returned to her which prompted her to go to Embu land office and put a caution on the land.

According to Muringo the genesis of her plight in 2014 three months after mysterious death of her husband when one day she was approached by a nine member team in company of police who told her they were after sub dividing the piece of land they had bought from Njeru.

Her  efforts to have a dialogue with them and not to subdivide the land fell on deaf ears. The team proceeded to subdivide the land and demolished some of the buildings including that of her husband who was living separately from her but in the same piece of land.

She  moved  back to the land office for redress of her plight but up to now she is still seeking for her justice.

She  wondered how the buyers were able to get title deeds of the portions of land which was under caution.

Muringo said she has no one to help her get justice, citing her seven children do not have the financial might to push for justice for they are just casual labourers.

She is calling for necessary authorities and well-wishers to come and help her get justice by getting her land back.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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