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Anglican Church head calls for more investments in key social sectors

The   Head of  Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK),  Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has challenged religious institutions to invest in ventures that  can complement realisation of government’s development agenda.

Ole Sapit singled out the intended 100 percent transition from Primary to post-primary levels and achievement of Universal Health Care (UHC) for Kenyans as areas the institutions should concentrate on improving and developing.

At the same time, the clergyman has called on the Teachers Service Commission, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) to work harmoniously and sort their differences amicably.

He noted that differences of opinion between the key players in the education sector were undermining education standards  in the country.

Archbishop  Sapit  called on Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), Prof. George Magoha to bring the parties to a sustainable and cordial working relationship.

The  Anglican Church, the clergyman said, had prioritized construction of schools and upgraded of various health facilities under  its sponsorship countrywide as a way of improving access to quality and affordable education and health care  services.

Speaking  when he officially inaugurated the newly built Saint Luke- Kiamaina Primary School in Nakuru, Ole Sapit called on various investigative arms of the government not to relent on the fight against corruption.

The  vice, he noted, had assumed alarming proportions that have led to wastage of resources and therefore threatened the  country’s stability and future generations.

He  warned against politicising the crack down on graft cartels adding that individuals caught in graft webs should carry their own crosses.

On education, the arch-bishop called on churches, mosques and other religious institutions sponsoring schools to now shift their focus on establishing more secondary schools as remarkable progress had already been achieved in putting  up  Early Childhood Centres and Primary Schools countrywide.

Ole  Sapit  said the Anglican Church would continue partnering with the Ministries of Education and Health in complementing services that the state provided across the country.

The  ACK, he said, was also equipping, staffing and upgrading its dispensaries and mission hospitals.

The  Archbishop  urged Kenyans to demand accountability over expenditure of taxpayers’ money at both National and  County levels.

He  said citizens had a right to protest and raise alarms whenever service delivery was either late or poor.

Ole  Sapit warned all political leaders against polarising the country along ethnic and religious lines.

The  leaders he said had a responsibility of safeguarding the country and guaranteeing peaceful coexistence for the sake of future generations.

He  called on parents not to abdicate the responsibility of bringing up their children, noting that recent acts of violence and lawlessness could be attributed to break down of social moral fabric.

Church  elder, George Kagima  said the school had been designed to accommodate 500 pupils but had already enrolled the first batch of 300 pupils.

It  was  the school’s official policy, he stated to enroll pupils across all religious denominations.

Kagima  observed that  the ACK  was committed to providing facilities that will offer quality education and health care  to low  income earners in the country.

By  Jane  Ngugi/Dennis Rasto

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