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Bodaboda registration kicks off in Marsabit

The national registration and issuance of smart driving licenses to bodaboda riders kicked off in Marsabit County without any hitch with the government calling on the operators to seize the opportunity to streamline their operations.

The Principal Secretary for Physical Planning Enosh Momanyi, said the government intends to issue driving licenses to qualified riders for free and urged everybody in the targeted group to ensure they are not left out.

Momanyi who presided over the launch of the 60-day exercise at the Marsabit Huduma Centre, said the government attaches a lot of importance to the sub-sector given that it was a major driver of the economy.

The PS who was accompanied by Director of Planning in the State Department of Physical Planning Silas Mbogo, pointed out that the sub-sector was a main source of employment to the youth with an estimated 1.5 million currently engaged in the business.

Besides generating a colossal amount of the much needed revenue to the country, he said about 7.5 million people depend on the boda boda mode of transport. The move by the government also aims at promoting road safety and security for both the riders and their clients.

Momanyi underlined the need to streamline the sub-sector which he regretted has been infiltrated by bad elements and cautioned riders that they would face a crackdown after the grace period.

“Every registered boda boda rider will be issued with a smart driving license within the set period,” the PS assured adding that a rider only required a national identity card, a copy of KRA pin number and a listed mobile telephone number to register.

Further, Momanyi said apart from instilling order in the transport service sub-sector, there were long term benefits in terms of enabling the operators to make savings and create wealth from their earnings.

The PS asked the registration team from NTSA to ensure the kits being used in the exercise were well serviced and working throughout the period.

The government would also provide a one-year health cover through NHIF to the first 200,000 licensed boda boda riders across the country.

By Sebastian Miriti

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