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Cattle rustlers make away with over 80 animals

Heavily  armed  cattle rustlers raided two areas in Baringo North and Baringo County simultaneously on Wednesday, driving  away about 81 animals.

In  the  first  incident, the  raiders  suspected to be from East Pokot sub county hi tTuluk area in Chemoe , Bartabwa ward , at around 2am where they drove away 35 cows belonging to Mzee Cheptalam Kipkiror.

Area  MCA, Reuben Chepsongol  said the raiders who had located where the old man was sleeping, divided themselves into two groups, one of which held the elderly man hostage for three hours to ensure that he does not raise up his head or an alarm while the other took the animals.

Chepsongol  said when the animals had been driven more than 10 kilometres, the team guarding the mzee was alerted to leave the boma and it was then that the owner passed information to local chief and MCA about the raid.

The   MCA  who condemned the raid appealed to the government to use all means to return the cows and apprehend the  culprits to face the law.

“It  is  the responsibility of  the  government  to protect its citizens  and  their properties as enshrined in the constitution and  the livestock must be recovered,” he stated.

In  the second incident another batch of armed bandits raided Loruk area and made away with 46 goats.

Confirming the attacks, County Police Commander, Robinson Ndiwa said security officers backed by national police

reservists who were reissued with guns last evening pursued the criminals and even managed to surround them inside the thickets of Ripken ward.

Speaking to KNA on telephone, Ndiwa said they hoped to recover all the animals in due course, adding 13 of the 46 goats stolen had since been recovered.

On  Monday the rustlers attacked Kapindasum villages in MarigatSub County, injured two herders and made away with  several animals.

They  staged the raid barely a day after the government disarmed police reservists.

By  Joshua  Kibet

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