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Company donates 100 hand washing units to promote hygiene

Some of the hand-washing units that were donated by Bidco Africa to Thika water distributor (THIWASCO) to be installed at high risk  zones in Thika West Sub County on Tuesday March 24, 2020. Photo by KNA.
The Isiolo County Commissioner, Herman Shambi speaking to the media on Tuesday March 24, 2020 in Isiolo. Photo by KNA.

The  Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer Bidco Africa Group has donated 100 hand washing units to Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) in efforts to promote hygiene and curb the spread of corona virus.

The hand washing units will be installed in places with high human traffic like markets, bus termini, garages, hospitals and dispensaries as well as shopping centers within Thika town and its environs.

The units will be stocked with soaps and manned by volunteers who will help locals in the hand washing exercise.

Speaking during the launch of the equipment in Thika town on Tuesday, the THIWASCO Managing Director, Eng. Moses  Kinya said they have already installed 16 water points in various parts of the sub county against a target of 42 which they will install in the next few days.

This comes at a time when residents continue to grapple with continued water rationing posing the risk of contracting the virus.

The MD said their water production capacity cannot meet the demand and that residents should use water sparingly.

He said they have a water rationing schedule to ensure all estates receive water and told residents to bear with the situation.

“We are producing at maximum capacity and still can’t meet the demand. We have come up with a water rationing schedule and we advise residents to use water sparingly as we look for long term solutions,” he said.

At the same time, Kinya dismissed calls to waive water bills to cushion residents against the effects of the corona pandemic, but instead urged residents to pay their bills in time.

He said the company relies on prompt payment of bills by their customers to operate, making it difficult to waive the charges.

During the event, Broadways Group donated 10 tanks of 2,500 litres each while Equity Bank gave out five tanks and another Sh.100, 000 for the cause.

The  Thika West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Douglas Mutai  who attended the event said they were firm in implementing the government’s guidelines to curb spread of covid-19.

Meanwhile, the  Isiolo County Commissioner (CC),has warned residents against  spreading false information about covid-19, noting the misinformation was causing fear among the area people.

Shambi urged members of the public to be on the lookout for people exhibiting symptoms of corona virus and inform relevant authorities, including chiefs and public health officials in respective areas.

The CC  at  the same time, said toll free telephone numbers provided by the government to report suspected corona virus cases should not be abused.

He added that a man who jetted into the country from Qatar on March 16, was still quarantined at his residential house and medics have confirmed that he is not showing any symptoms of coronavirus.

“An epidemiologist is still monitoring the patient but so far there is no cause for alarm. In addition we are well prepared in case of a positive case of coronavirus,” added Shambi.

The CC urged those entering the country to follow the government’s directive to self-quarantine in order to protect compatriots, including their relatives.

He likewise asked residents to adhere to the government’s Virus protective guidelines and at the same time warned parents still allowing their children to play outside in groups that they would be arrested and prosecuted.

Shambi  warned the management of the local livestock market and slaughter house would be closed if they fail to provide enough water and sanitation equipment.Members of Isiolo County Assembly have approved Sh. 40 million for the purpose of responding to the Covid-19 viral disease.

At  the same time, Members of Isiolo County Assembly have approved Sh. 40 million for the purpose of responding to  the Covid-19 viral disease.

The  Speaker, Hussein Roba, said that the money is meant to provide medical equipment such as sanitizers and will also be used to sensitize local residents on coronavirus and pay health officers.

Roba said that some funds will also be allocated to those whose livelihood will be affected by government’s directive to shut down their businesses.

He said that the Assembly appreciates the fact that approximately 14.9 million Kenyans are in the informal sector selling small commodities to earn a living or depending on menial jobs.

The Speaker said Chiefs will identify the most affected residents so as to be provided with money to cushion them from the economic shock the entire county is going through.

The  Wabera Ward representative, Abdi Duba, said that all other projects by the County Assembly will have to be halted.

Duba said that funds initially meant for projects have been diverted to cater for the mitigations on the coronavirus disease.

He cautioned residents against spreading false information about the virus and urged leaders to sensitize people at the village level on how the virus is contracted, spread, and how it can be avoided.

The Burat Ward Member of the County Assembly, Yarrow Hassan, said that majority of the people were ignorant about the existence of the coronavirus and urged for more sensitization efforts to enlighten them.

He said that some people are still not heeding the simple directives including keeping social distance and avoiding gatherings.

Hassan appealed to the National Government to provide more funds to cater for the local people who do not have a source of living at the moment due to the stern measures that were imposed.

By  Muoki Charles/Grace Odidi/David Nduro

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