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Cotton farmers urged to create conducive environment for investors

Cotton  farmers in Homa Bay County have been challenged to create a conducive environment for investors who are interested in the sector.

Speaking on Friday to KNA in Homa Bay town, the local Cotton Farmers Co-operative Union Chairperson, John Akoko said that there are several investors who would like to venture into the sector but could not do so due to internal wrangles.

Akoko who  was accompanied by the Union’s Treasurer, Nathaniel Otieno said that the enabling environment could only be created through unity of all cotton farmers in the County.

He said that division which is emerging among cotton farmers in the County is unhealthy for sustainable production of the crop.

“I urge all cotton farmers to be united and move towards the same direction in this venture. Let my colleagues who want to cause division understand that investors fear chaos,” Akoko said.

The sentiments come after a sharp division emerged during the union’s general election where a section of the members felt dissatisfied and attempted to walk out of the Union.

The  union was formerly known as the South Nyanza Co-operative union but was changed to Homa Bay County Cotton Farmers Co-operative Union with the introduction of the Devolved Government, a move that intrigued wrangles within the Union.

“Let elections not divide us and we should be focused on what we want to achieve,” Akoko said.

Otieno expressed concern that transporting cotton to other counties like Baringo was tiresome.

He added that their unity would also enhance the County Government’s plans of establishing a cotton ginnery in the County.

“Cotton farmers should forget the past differences because our unity will enhance establishment of a ginnery in the area,” said Otieno.

By  Godwine  Ochieng/Davis  Langat

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