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County boss puts insurance fraudsters on notice

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has warned insurance companies that have previously been involved in underhand business with the County administration they will have their contracts terminated.

Speaking during the inspection of county vehicles at the Gusii stadium on Thursday, Arati pointed out incidences where county vehicles had been involved in accidents, but the insurance companies failed to compensate the same.

“I am aware there is a vehicle that was burnt, but the insurance company did not compensate that despite the fact that the county had procured a comprehensive cover for the vehicle,” he noted.

The County Boss said he would expose some of the insurance companies that have failed to compensate the county as required.

Arati noted that out of the 82 county vehicles, only 19 had comprehensive insurance covers while 37 had third party insurance despite the county procuring comprehensive covers every year. Another 21 vehicles have expired insurances.

He said the county Finance Executive would have to account for any of the unaccounted funds regarding the insurance.

Further, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) tweeted that it has launched investigations regarding the allegations of insurance fraud and ghost workers in Kisii County Government.

“EACC expects incoming Governors and their administrations to cooperate and give us details of these emerging scams to inform interventions. We hope that they will not fall prey to any temptation to run down their counties like some of their predecessors,” read one of the tweets.

Additionally, Arati said there were drivers who lacked driving licenses while others had not renewed their driving licenses for a period of two to four years.

The drivers revealed that the county government is supposed to renew their driving license, but had not done so over the last 10 years due to budget constraints.

As such, Arati promised them that he would include the renewal of driving licenses for all county drivers in the supplementary budget.

By Mercy Osongo and Vincent Nyambane 

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