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County government driver, 12 aliens arrested in Garissa

Police in Garissa are investigating an incident where a County government of Garissa vehicle carrying 12 aliens was fitted with GK number plates.

The vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser that was intercepted by police at the Tana bridge barrier was at the time fitted with plates registration numbers GK B 390 C.

Addressing the press at the Garissa police station today, area OCPD Joseph Muriuki said that upon searching on the NTSA record it was established that the vehicle belonged to Garissa County under registration number plates KCT 620 Z.

Garissa OCPD OCPD Joseph Muriuki displays suspicious GK number plates fraudulently used in human trafficking while the suspects together with the driver of the vehicle belonging

“Given that the vehicle had GK number plates our investigating officers wanted to know which department it belonged to but to their surprise they discovered that it belonged to the County and with a different number plate,” Muriuki said.

“We further wanted to establish how the GK number plate got into the hands of this county driver. We suspect there could be a collusion but we are yet to establish that fact,” he added.

The aliens on board aged between 15 and 35 were all men; the OCPD said that they were also seeking to know who else could have aided their movement to Garissa and beyond.

Preliminary investigations by the police have since established that the aliens who were coming from Mogadishu in Somalia had no travel documents and were on their way to Nairobi.

The police boss said the driver and the aliens will be arraigned in court on Monday.

Cases of aiding aliens from Somalia in a complex web involving cartels working in cahoots with rogue police officers to facilitate ‘safe’ their travel are common.

The syndicate that also involves entry of contraband goods has proved to be a thorn in the flesh for the government security organs.


By Jacob Songok


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