County government urged to make offices disability friendly

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People  living  with disabilities in Kiambu Township have called on the county government to make their offices disability friendly.

Led by the County Secretary of Kenya Civil Servants Union, Elijah  Mwangale, they said it was unacceptable that some offices were still inaccessible by people living with disabilities in this era and time.

Mwangale who is also physically challenged reiterated that provision of disability friendly infrastructure was not a favor but a requirement. “This would enable this minority group to move in and out of the offices to be attended to which was their right,” he added.

Speaking  to KNA in Kiambu town on Monday, the unionist singled out the county government offices at Red nova house where there was no single ramp, therefore making it impossible for those handicapped to seek services there.

Mwangale  said he personally had to be accompanied by someone to go and seek Kenya Revenue Authority returns as he couldn’t cope up with the stairs which he maintained were very steep especially the upper ground.

However, he commended the County Commissioner and the National Government  Accountant for providing a ramp at their offices.

“At  least the County Commissioner has tried to improvise a ramp on the few staircases leading to his office and other administrators should follow suit,” Mwangale said.

By  Lydia Shiloya

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