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Crack the whip on cartels behind fake fertilizer, President urged

A section of church and political leaders in Embu have called on President William Ruto to crack the whip on crooks involved in the distribution of fake fertilizer.

They said the revelation that fake fertilizer was in supply in Government NCPB silos was a cause for concern at a time when food production ranks among top priorities for Ruto’s administration.

Led by Father Nicholas Makau of Makima Catholic Parish in Mbeere South Constituency, Embu, during Easter Sunday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the leaders said circulation of substandard fertilizer will sabotage the government’s effort in making the country food secure.

“Fake fertilizer will lead to poor yields and overall reduction in food production in the country,” Fr. Makau said.

He said circulation of substandard fertilizer was a big blow to farmers who were gearing up for a good harvest this long rainy season with forecasts from the weatherman indicating many parts of the country will record good rainfall performance.

He said it was the responsibility of the Government to protect farmers from being exploited by unscrupulous traders and suppliers of fake inputs.

“Today we are talking of fake fertilizer, who knows, maybe in the coming days we will be talking of fake seeds, chemicals and pesticides,” Father Makau added.

His sentiments were echoed by Makima Ward MCA Philip Nzangi who called for the arrest and prosecution of those involved in the racket.

“We strongly condemn those behind the distribution of fake fertilizer and we are calling on the president to take stern action against them,” the Ward Rep said.

By Samuel Waititu

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