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Data collection in August 24/25 National Census goes hi-tech

Smart  gadgets   will  be  used in the collection and almost real-time dispatch of data during the August 24 National Census.

The  Enumerators  will  use smartphones to collect household data and transmit it immediately they are through with a household,  except where the telephone network may be shaky.

The  adoption  of  information  technology in data collection and collation means the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics  (KNBS) may be able to announce the results of the census much earlier than was the tradition when hard copy  recording  was  used.

The  Embu County Census Co-ordinator, Collins  Kamire in a brief to the newly launched County Census Committee said  an  army  of  some 135,000 enumerators, 27,000 content supervisors and 2,700 information technology supervisors  will be deployed  to ensure the result of the census is accurate and reliable.

Those  wishing to serve in the positions will be expected to apply through their respective assistant chiefs.

Launching  the County Census Committee, Embu County Commissioner (CC), Abdullahi Galgallo reminded the newly  launched  committee that theirs was a noble responsibility of ensuring the county returned an accurate number of its people. The  Embu West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Ms Carolyne Imaya represented the county commissioner during the launch.

He  said  the  country  required  accurate  data  for  proper planning and to ensure equity in the distribution of national  resources.

He  said the census will officially kick off on the night of August 24/25 but will continue up to August 31.

During  the seven  days of data collection, wananchi will be expected to truthfully answer questions on population
characteristics  such  as age, sex, marital status, births and deaths as well as migration.

They  will also be expected to provide information on agriculture, state of housing, sanitation, energy used and household  assets.

By  Steve  Gatheru

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