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Special Samburu cultural aspects to be catered for in the coming census

The  Kenya National Census  will hire special enumerators to effectively register pastoralists in Samburu County ahead  of  the  National Census in August.

During the launch of the Samburu County Census Committee (CCC) at the Samburu County commissioner’s boardroom  on  Friday, it  emerged that Samburu County has special cultural needs that need to be addressed for effective enumeration of persons.

The  Samburu County Secretary, Bosco  Ole  Sambu  noted that there is usually mass movement during boys curcumcision  period which takes place between July and August.

“Most  families transverse the county back to their ancestral families for their boys to be circusiced and that affect the census. Young morans also move in search of water and pasture,” he said.

The  Samburu County Statistics Officer (SCSO), Samuel Leparsaiya noted that a pre enumeration exercise will be carried out before the census day which will take place on 24th to 25th August.

Leparsaiya  clarified  that  the pre-enumeration  will  improve  coverage  since  it  will  identify households and special households  such as prisons, schools, army barracks and cultural and nomadic activities such as those found in Samburu County.

“Pre enumeration will help us in identifying special challenges and help us allocate enough personnel to improve coverage,” he said.

The  CSO further added that this year’s census will be digital and will use GPS location and results from the field will be monitored as they stream in by content supervisors at the headquarters leaving no room for falsified data.

At  the same time, Samburu County Commissioner (CC), John  Korir urged residents to come out and be counted, saying that census is different from the just concluded Huduma number registration.

By  Robert  Githu

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