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DLP boosted primary school enrolment in Samburu

Samburu  County  has experienced increased enrollment of primary school pupils since the introduction of the Digital Literacy  Programme (DLP) in 2016, area Chief Education Officer, Phillip Liruso has confirmed.

Liruso  said enrollment of both boys and girls increased after the government issued 6,451 tablets to 112 primary schools  in  Samburu County.

“There  were 22,136 girls in primary  schools in 2016 and by 2019 the number had risen to 24,745 pupils while that of  boys  rose to 27, 746 in 2019 from 25,732 in 2016,” he said.

He  noted that most pupils were eager to learn with the digital devices since the interest of individual learners is taken  care of.

Liruso said DLP had been positively received in the county noting that two primary schools had received tablets from well-wishers hence boosting e-Learning in the county.

At  Maralal  DEB  Primary  School, most classes are congested after the school was issued with 270 tablets which boosted  enrollment.

“Many  pupils  ran  away from neighbouring schools and enrolled here while standard one intake doubled after the government  issued us with tablets,” said  Musa  Abdille  the School’s Headmaster.

He said the school has a population of 2,305 pupils among whom 205 are living with various disabilities.

During  a  tour  of  the school, KNA found class eight consisting pupils with hearing impairment using the tablets at the digital laboratory.

“We  let  the  class  eight consisting of hearing impaired pupils to interact with the digital devices so that they can have  basic digital knowledge since the learning content is for class one pupils,” said Veronica Muthoni a tutor.

Muthoni said the class holds 40 students per lesson which is challenging given the large pupil population.

Abdille  noted  that the government needs to issue more tablets to the school, saying the 270 gadgets were not enough  to  adequately serve the students.

He  further  noted  that there was poor network coverage in some parts of the county adding that more teachers in Samburu  County  need to be trained on the use of DLP, saying that most of those who were trained have since gone on  transfer.

By  Robert  Githu

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