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Fishermen decry lack of storage facilities

Fishermen  in Suba North Sub County have complained about lack of cold storage facilities which has made them record low performance in fish business.

The fishermen led by Joseph Wasonga said they have been forced to ferry the fresh fish from Kiumba Beach to Mbita town which is about 10 kilometers away, where there is a cold storage facility that serves a number of beaches in the region.

Wasonga also lamented that fishermen lose millions of shillings since their catch get perished due to lack of cold storage facilities.

Wasonga  also complained of poor road network that connects Kiumba Beach to Mbita town that delays the perishable commodity during the rainy season.

The fishmonger further claimed that the fish prices have drastically gone down as a result of lack of storage equipment and poor road networks.

He appealed to the county government through the department of Agriculture, livestock and fisheries to provide them with the facilities to improve on their business to promote their livelihood.

The  fishermen called on the elected leaders to consider their plight so that they secure sustainable income from the fishing industry.

By  Davis  Langat/Josphine Anyango


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