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Floods wreck havoc in Teso

The  Teso North and South residents living along the banks of River Malakisi and Malaba have been advised to move to higher grounds following heavy rains that have pounded the area since Sunday night.

The appeal follows the flooding of the two rivers which wrecked havoc in the lowland areas of Akiriamasit (Teso North) and Akiriamas (Teso South) on Monday night living one woman missing.

The  Teso North  legislator, Oku  Kaunya  who regretted the loss of the woman told journalists on Tuesday that such calamities can only be avoided by residents moving to raised grounds.

“Let those living in flat lands and areas along the two river banks move to raised grounds to avoid deaths. We have

received reports of one person being swept away by the floods though we are yet to confirm as the search mission is ongoing,” he said.

The  area  where Christine Akumu Ekol is said to have been swept away at Kakinei village in Amoni Location is a conflux of the two rivers and experiences heavy flooding each rainy season.

According to eye witnesses Ekol left her home on Tuesday morning to harvest vegetables in her garden which along river  Malakisi but she reportedly slid into the river.

Attempts by first responders to rescue her were futile as they were overpowered by the water.

By  Melechezedeck  Ejakait

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