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Form four candidate in Esani, Nyamira County commits suicide

A  Form 4 candidate from Esani location in Nyamira County committed suicide on Saturday, after allegedly being warned by parents against coming home late as he needed sufficient time to prepare for the forthcoming national examination.

Abel Nyakundi Bichang’a, 17, a form four student at Riasiago secondary had come home late at around 8 pm Saturday evening and the father inquired where he was coming from at such a time, when he needed to spend most of his time around revising for the national exams he was going to undertake in less than a week.

The father, James Gichana told KNA that he warned his son not to be coming home late since he had a serious task ahead, which required him to spend much of his time revising.

“After that short conversation the deceased walked out quietly without uttering a word though his facial expressions indicated he was not pleased with the warning and we thought he has gone to sleep with his siblings in their room and we also slept,” Gichana said.

The mother, Rose Nyaboke said she woke up early Sunday morning to go with three sons to till their farm before they can start engaging in other chores at home.

However, she was shocked when Abel’s younger siblings informed her that he never slept with them in the room.

“When they told me that the deceased never slept in their room, I thought he went to spend at his friend’s house nearby, whom they hang out together during their free time, because the talk with the father the previous evening was just a firm position as parents of what we expected of him the entire period he could be taking his exams,” she narrated.

“I decided to just go to the farm and wait till he comes to know where he spent the night and on my way to the farm just outside his grandfather’s house, I was shocked to see him dangling from an ovacado tree,” the mother added amid sobs.

The  father explained that it is not his habit to come home late and in most instances when he is annoyed he just goes to his room and sleeps and explains later that he was upset.

The mother further revealed that the deceased is the one who had cooked lunch for the family on Saturday and washed the dishes before leaving and he never left any suicide note.

Gichana  told  KNA, the area chief called police from Keroka who took the remains of their son to Keroka Level 4 hospital mortuary, as they make burial arrangements.

The  Nyamira County Commissioner, Amos Mariba has advised those with suicidal thoughts to talk about their problem with trusted people instead of resulting to such drastic measures.

By  Deborah Bochere

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