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Government cautions administrators over security

The  Nakuru County Commissioner (CC), Erastus  Mbui  has cautioned administrators against lethargy in the fight against  proliferating criminal gangs in Nakuru town, saying lenient officers will face stern disciplinary action.

Mbui  said  area  administrators must cooperate with community in security management in the region to exterminate  criminals operating  a notorious extortion ring dubbed ‘Confirm’ that  is swindling unsuspecting citizens of their money  through mobile phone money transfer services.

The  CC’s  sentiments follow days of mounting discontent among residents of Nakuru town, over a rise in incidents of people losing money saved on their MPESA accounts to fraudsters in the clandestine racket.

Speaking  at a Public Baraza at Kivumbini in Nakuru town, Mbui  noted that uncommitted administrators were hindering  the spirited bid against organized crimes and called on citizens to exercise vigilance and reveal such officers.

The  CC  who  is  also Chairman of the Nakuru County Security Committee`s directed chiefs and their assistants in  Nakuru Town East  and West  to give daily progress reports on illicit brews, drugs, robberies and arrests

Mbui  warned  that chiefs whose areas of jurisdiction will be found to have such cases will be held responsible.

He  used  the occasion to appeal to parents to enroll jobless youth without skills to local vocational centers to acquire skills that he said will improve their employment prospects and help minimize crime in the area.

The  CC  observed that the National and County governments have adequately equipped the institutions with a view to  empowering youth with skills that they can use to power the country`s development vision, while they improve their  livelihoods.

The  Nakuru  County Police Commander (CPC), Stephen Matu warned Mobile cash transfer agents against embroiling  themselves in  the vicious racket, saying police are already investigating some suspected agents deemed to be facilitating criminal  activities of the gang members.

“Police have obtained crucial leads and have launched investigations against some Mobile cash transfer agents suspected to be facilitating the gangs in their criminal activities. They will be dealt with firmly once there is evidence of their involvement,” Matu said.

He  said police are also probing reports of individuals bailing out suspected gang members in police custody.

Early  this  year, Police in Nakuru arrested 26 men aged between 23 and 35 in connection with extorting members of the  public in the guise of having misdirected money to their MPESA accounts.

The  suspects provided police with leads to masterminds of the cartels who are now reported to be at large.

The  Police boss said temporary police redeployment across the county will help sustain weeks of a crackdown against  outlawed gangs and other forms of crime to make the town secure and conducive for meaningful development.

At  the  same  time, he warned police against using government vehicles to collect bribes, saying this is tantamount to  abuse of office and corruption crimes that attract disciplinary action.

Matu  appealed  to  members of  the public to notify his office about any incident of abuse of police vehicles for timely  action.

He  expressed concern over criminals operating as bodaboda operators and terrorizing residents within sections of Nakuru town.

The  CPC  said the security and intelligence committee is planning a security management forum with bodaboda operators  in the county, with a view of seeking practical ways of unmasking criminals that have infiltrated the sector.

By  Anne  Mwale/Dennis  Rasto


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