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Government out to identify owners of financial assets

Unclaimed Financial assets authority is working closely with the ministry of Interior to identify owners of over Sh200 billion financial assets that have remained untaken for years.

Trans Nzoia county commissioner Samson Ojwang made the remarks when he officially launched the 50 day rapid result initiative (RRI) that the government is making all efforts of identifying and re-uniting Kenyans with their wealth that is in the hands of the state.

“The government is aware that there are Kenyans out there who are languishing in poverty yet their property remained unclaimed,” he told assistant county commissioners, chiefs and their assistants at Museum hall Friday.

He added, “As government we must be able to identify these people at the grassroots and facilitate them to get back their financial assets.”

Ojwang told chiefs and their assistants that a list of people whose assets remained in the hands of the state will be distributed to them to be able to look for and also guide them on how to get back their monies.

He said most of the assets are money whose owners died and family members were not aware of the existence of the cash,

He asked residents to be sharing information of their financial and immovable assets with family members so that in case of an eventuality, family members would be able to process claims.

“Why should you work so hard acquire wealth and hide it from your close family members,” he questioned.

He told the administrators that they have 50 days to identify residents whose financial assets is with the state.

On peaceful co-existence, the county commissioner told chiefs to be vigilant and report anyone who preaches hate speech.

Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa who was in attendance asked chiefs to work with the local leadership for development.

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