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Heavy rains wreak havoc in Tigania

At least 50 families from Twarama area of Tigania west Sub County and the surrounding environs have been left homeless after their houses were submerged following heavy rains that are pounding area.

Affected families have been forced to seek refuge from their neighbours as well as rely on them for food and clothing after all their belongings were destroyed by the floods.

Farmers in the area are also counting huge losses after their crops were swept away by flood waters.

Mr Kaume Kaberenge, one of the victims said that his five-acre crop of beans was swept away in addition to losing food after all his houses were submerged.

“I have now been left homeless following this ordeal. My daughter who is currently sitting her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination had her school uniform as well as her books destroyed. We are in a total mess since we are also depending on well-wishers for food,” said Mr Kaberenge.

He added: “The heavy rains have caused huge damages including destruction of graves as well as toilets. We are fearing that very soon there might be an outbreak of diseases in this area.”

He attributed the flooding to the blockage of a tunnel that led rainwater to flow to Twale River by people who have constructed homesteads along the way.

Mr Ezra Gitonga, another victim said the only solution to the flooding was to unblock the tunnel by evicting those who have settled there.

He called on the county and the national governments to use the emergency kitty that was set aside to help them out of the mess.

Area MCA Jim Muchui said the number of the victims is set to increase as the rains continue and added that a serious strategy to solve the issue must be reached at by all leaders as soon as possible.

He called on the government to release emergency funds to cushion the victims adding that they will not be expecting any harvests after their crops were swept away.

“We are also calling on the county government to release the emergency fund that was set aside. This is the best time to do so,” said Mr Muchui.

He said Twarama area was the most affected by the floods and the farmers have already lost all their crops as well as animals meaning they will struggle even to take their children to school next year.

Tigania West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Ms Faith Murage said the rains experienced in the region was huge and had negatively affected a good number of residents.

She however called on the residents to take it upon themselves to take the necessary precautions against the floods.

“The fact is that floods are very dangerous and can cost lives. My message to you is that you should not stick to your house until it is submerged in water. Seek refuge from your neighbours as early as possible,” said Ms Murage.

She said at the moment there is nothing much that can be done to redirect the water to its channel until the rains subside.

“What we now need to focus on is how we will help those who have already been affected to alleviate the level of suffering. I am aware the Kenya Red Cross visited this area and made an assessment as well as taking data which will inform their response,” said Ms Murage.

She promised to join hands with the office of the area MP John Mutunga to look for relief food as fast as possible.

She also authorized the formation of a joint committee drawing members from Akithi and Athwana wards to look into the issue of tunnel blockage once the rains subside.


By Dickson Mwiti


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