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Japan donates USD 1.5 Million for Kalobeyei settlement

The Japanese government has donated a USD 1.5 million (approx. Sh 156 million) to UN-Habitat towards the planning and implementation of the Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement which aims to promote integration and peaceful co-existence of the host and refugee communities in settlements in northern Kenya.

A dispatch from UN-HABITAT indicated that the new funding of USD 1,481,263, will support the continued effort and engagement in Kalobeyei through the project titled ‘Ensuring Accessibility and A Strengthened Conflict-Resolution Strategy for Refugee-Host Community Integration.”

It will be implemented between March 2021 to March 2022. Additionally, it aims at strengthening community resilience and integration between host and refugee communities, reducing tensions and conflicts.

It also aims at enhancing accessibility channels and public facilities to vulnerable groups through regeneration in Kalobeyei Settlement and Kakuma Camp to enable long-term management of implemented projects.

Other goals of the project are to enhance Private Sector Investments by promoting infrastructure investments through engaging various Japanese Private Sector partners to achieve local economic development and ensuring livelihood enabling environments

By adopting new approaches and innovation, UN-Habitat will ensure enhanced accessibility for basic social services provision and protection for refugees and host communities in Turkana West.

Turkana West MP Daniel Epuyo has lauded the government and development partners for helping to uplift the livelihoods of refugees and host communities.

It will also enhance resilience by supporting emergency response and the recovery process from the current Covid-19 and sustainably support community adaption and resilience of the affected communities relevant to entrepreneurial and livelihood training.

“Since 2016, UN-Habitat, with support from the Government of Japan, has implemented several programs within the settlement. These projects have leveraged the opportunities and benefits to support local economic growth and development, making Kalobeyei a model to promote implementation and highlight the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding nexus approach,” the statement added.

By Peter Gitonga

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