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Kajiado youth declare war against prostitution

More  than 200 youth from Kajiado town on Friday night raided bars and lodgings in the area to flush out women and girls whom they claimed were engaging in prostitution.

Led  by  Rodoyo Lempaso, the Kajiado Youth Alliance Chairman, the youth said women from the Maasai community have in the recent past started engaging in prostitution in town centres like Kajiado, Isinya, Kiserian and Maili 46 and this was against their cultural norms.

Lempaso noted that moral decadence was on the rise in the society with mothers leaving their young children alone at night to engage in the business.

“We will not accept our mothers and sisters to engage in prostitution. This is against our culture and it has resulted in moral decay. Mothers leave their children unattended at night to come and engage in prostitution hence endangering the children’s lives. This prostitution has also resulted in increased spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS,” said Lempaso.

Lempaso said they have been forced to go to the bars at night to flush them out after the authorities responsible declined to take any action even after they informed them of the menace. He said they would continue with the exercise until the trade is completely stopped in the town.

Noel Kosencha said it was a shame to see a Maasai woman clad in full traditional regalia roaming the streets at night in search of “customers”.

Kosencha added that HIV/AIDS prevalence in the area has been on the rise due to the increasing number of prostitutes in the area who target old men and college students.

She said men have been selling off their land only to spend all the proceeds on beer and prostitutes leaving their families desolate.

“We have seen many men sell off their land and property in the villages and come to town to spend the money on beer and prostitutes. Many families have been left poor and desolate and we as the youth have to restore morality in our society and preserve our culture by saying no to prostitution,” said Kosencha.

Bars and lodgings owners were forced to close their doors as the youth tried to force their way into the lodges to flush out the women. A few customers who were caught unaware were forced to abandon their drinks and scamper for safety.

By  Rop  Janet

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