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Kaksingri West residents complain about cage fishing

The   Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Security Committee of Homa-Bay County Assembly has recommended that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed  between the County government and a private  investor in February 2006 must be  reviewed.

This  came  after a petition was received from Kaksingri West Development Forum complaining that fish cages which were  erected by Victory Farm along Rowo and Gingo beaches have obstructed their movement.

The  MCA for Homa-Bay Central Ward who is also the Chairman of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Security  in  the  County  Assembly, Julius  Nyambok  said that the complaint forced the committee to summon its members and the  farm  owner  to the County Assembly to seek for a solution.

Nyambok  said  that the development forum claimed that the fishermen could not freely move around especially while  going  to  Mfangano Island as the two cages had blocked the paths.

He  said  this  on Wednesday  while addressing the press at the County Assembly where he added that the Committee went on a fact finding mission where they interacted with the residents to get their opinion about the fish cages.

The  Chairman added that despite the complaint raised by the Development Forum, the residents were against the removal  of  the cages claiming that they were of benefit to them as 296 people had been employed and 465 more were still to be  employed to work in the cages.

During  the  visit  to the cages, the Committee was accompanied by the County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Aguko  Juma  who promised to involve marine surveyors to assist in ascertaining the acreage.

Nyambok  added that the farm owner had entered an agreement with the County Government on July 29, 2016 to take  only  361 hectares of the total water coverage of 1900 hectares and the farm owner had been given one month to upgrade the MOU.

The  committee Chair  said that they had plans for conducting a public participation awareness in Ndhiwa and Kaksingri  West in July after which they will reduce the size of the cages to allow adequate space for boats to freely pass  through.

He  added that from the agreement, the investor was to construct all weather roads, offer scholarships to residents of  Kaksingri  West  to specialize in fish caging, construct a primary school and employ the area residents in senior positions  which are issues that must be reviewed.

By  Davis  Langat/Anjeline  Adisa

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