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Leaders call for unity

Leaders in Trans Nzoia have promised to work together for the sake of cohesiveness and development.

The  Trans  Nzoia County Commissioner (CC), Samson Ojwang and area governor, Patrick Khaemba pledged to work with other leaders to realise faster development.

The CC told a gathering celebrating Mushujaa day at Saboti primary school in Saboti that the unity of all leaders was key to development and peaceful co-existence.

“We want to have one meeting for all our elected leaders and government officers to discuss key issues that affect this county,” he said.

Ojwang  also called for respect for each other as the first point of unifying their supporters in the region.

He  asked the leaders to emulate the fallen heroes in the country who he said were selfless and committed to issues that affected the nation.

The  CC also asked residents to shun politicians who engage in 2022 politics, saying that this was the time for the leaders to initiate development and not to plan on how to win the next election.

“We cannot continue engaging in politics for ever we need to come to the realisation that we need roads, water and other services that will help the common man improve their livelihood,” he said.

Governor  Khaemba on his part concurred that there was need for a meeting for his team, national government officials and elected leaders to plan for Trans Nzoia.

On development, Khaemba said that despite low funding from the national government, he has used the money allocated to his devolved unit to realise development.

“Am  soon going to open the modern bus park and the four hundred capacity bed hospital that will ease referrals to Eldoret-based Moi Teaching hospital,” he said.

The governor once more asked residents to diversify, adding that planting other crops would cushion them from poor maize prices.

Khaemba  asked locals to engage in local transport business adding that once the bus park was opened, business would be good.

He asked the government to remove taxes on hematic bags to encourage farmers to buy the bags for better storage without the need for preservation chemicals.

The  Saboti MP, Caleb Amis said there was need for the county to organise to celebrate heroes from the region.

He asked residents to shun leaders who preached tribalism, adding that the vice retarded development.

By  Pauline  Ikanda

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