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Longisa Referral Hospital faces acute water shortage

An acute water shortage has hit Bomet County Referral Hospital, Longisa, forcing caregivers to collect water with containers from nearby streams.

The water crisis which has persisted for the last two weeks has been occasioned by unpaid electricity bill from the County Government.

Worst hit sections by the crisis are the hospital Kitchen, maternity wing, and laundry forcing patients to recycle bed sheets over weeks.

Some of the relatives who spoke to the press said patients have gone for days without taking a shower.

“I am taking care of a patient in the maternity ward and we have not been able to wash cloths for three days due to lack of water,” she stated.

Bomet Senator, Dr. Christopher Langat, who toured the facility, Sunday evening, following public outcry, described the situation was dire.

Dr. Langat said there was a need for urgent intervention to avert an explosion of diseases due to the water shortage. “I want to say that it is shameful that a county facility can go without water,” Langat said.

Worst, Langat said was lack of water for people to wash their hands and avoid contracting covid-19.

“Imagine we are in the midst of a pandemic and a facility that everyone is looking up to is going without water, I am ashamed, to say the least,” he said. adding, “how do you explain the piles of dirty linens in the laundry that are smelling and tabs are dry?” he posed.

Dr. Langat gave the County Government a two-day ultimatum warning he will be forced to asked the Senate Health Committee to intervene.

However, Medical Services Chief Officer, Dr. Joyce Tonui, defended the County, saying despite the disconnection, the Department has always ensured that water is there at the facility.

Dr. Tonui said the County is supplying more than 30,000 litrers daily using water a bowser, and the claims that those taking care of patients are going to the river is false.

“No one is going to the river to fetch water and you can take my word to the bank, we have enough water. This is a rainy season and we harvest water for use in the facility. All our water tanks are full,” she added.

By Joseph Obwocha

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