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Man reunites with family after 7 years

Sighs of relief and happiness, tears of joy were witnessed Kithyoko Mercy Servants of the poor home in Masinga after a man who went missing more than seven years ago reunited with his family.

Mwamali Muthiani was brought to the home after failing to identify his family following a fatal accident which led to head injuries and hospitalised at Kenyatta National Hospital. This impaired his memory.

The man had stayed in the home for more than four years now, during this period he started to regain his memory and he was able to pronounce names of his family members and even able to tell his village and location.

Sister Mary Musembi, a Catholic nun who runs Kithyoko Mercy Home of the homeless took the initiative of contacting the chief of the area and that’s how his family members were traced.

“When he started mentioning his family members’ names and be able to tell where his village is. I contacted the area chief and we are able to connect with his family, “said Musembi.

She added that the family members could not believe that their kin was alive up and until after arriving at the home and reunited with him. She said that now the family was free to take their son home.

His mother, Monica Muthiani, filled with joy said that she had lost hope of finding her second-born son but through God’s grace they have finally found him. She thanked Sister Mary Musembi for taking good care of him while at her home.

His sister Ann Twili could not hold tears of joy after seeing her brother who had gone missing for over seven years. According to her, they had searched for their brother everywhere including in morgues but their efforts bore no fruit until the call which came recently from the Kithyoko home said that their brother was alive.

Social Services at the KNH Director Kadie Kerwang urged family members who are unable to trace their loved ones to liaise with the hospital, as there are many other people whose family members cannot be traced, with 12 being housed at the home of the homeless.

He also urged well-wishers to support the homes which have taken up the noble course of taking care of the helpless and unknowns.

By Charles Matacho


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