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Matiang’i Threatens to Invoke Chapter Six

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i has said the government will invoke Chapter Six of the Constitution to declare leaders who instigate violence ‘Unfit to hold Public Office’.


Matiang’i said that the violence and indecency witnessed yesterday in the by-elections across the Country was quite unfortunate and added that it is time to have an honest conversation and act on such leaders who defy societal norms.


The CS promised that the government will go to a “competent” court of law to have the section of the Chapter Six of the constitution on Leadership and Integrity invoked to ensure that such leaders who propagate violence do not hold public offices.


A part of Chapter Six of the constitution reads,” A State officer shall behave, whether in public and official life, in private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner that avoids, (a) any conflict between personal interests and public or official duties;(b) compromising any public or official interest in favour of a personal interest; or(c) demeaning the office the officer holds.


The CS noted that such leaders only acquire dominance and prominence through violence, adding that they will go further to have such leaders who are firearms holders have their licenses suspended.


“We cannot continue with this ritual of arresting them, they go to the courts and they are given bonds and get out to continue committing offences. The same cycle continues. I may not be in charge of the courts but we will use alternative mechanisms,” the CS promised.


Matiang’i decried the slow pace of the wheels of justice especially on such errant leaders who after committing offences and charged, are given bonds and their cases are postponed giving them the leeway to continue committing malpractices.


“They slap an officer then they are given a Sh10,000 cash bail in March and the cases will be mentioned in June next year. This gives them room to continue slapping officers around. Such culprits should be locked up to serve as an example to the rest of their ilk,” the CS said.


Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa was  caught on Camera assaulting an Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) official at Bulonga polling station in Matungu.


He accused IEBC official Peter Okura of barring their agent to witness the voting process.


“We must all submit to the law of the land, otherwise we will destroy this Country. This was just a by-election, what will happen during national elections if we have such leaders in office?” the CS posed.


There were reports of violence and voter bribery in various polling stations on Thursday in ongoing by-elections, leaving some injured and vehicles vandalized.


In Matungu, supporters of ANC’s candidate Peter Nabulindo and ODM’s David Were clashed following accusations of voter bribery.


In London Ward, police were forced to lob teargas to disperse confrontations by hooligans at the polling centre.


In the Kiamokama Ward by elections in Kisii, police also arrested UDA candidate Nyandusi Nyakeramba a few meters from Milimani polling station where he was going to cast his vote.


The CS was speaking during the launch of the National Land Commission (NLC) Strategic Plan 2021-2026 in Nairobi.


By Alice Gworo

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