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MCAs challenged to actively play their oversight role

MCAs in Garissa have been challenged to actively play their oversight role of keeping the executive in check.

Speaking to the press in Garissa town on Tuesday, after meeting with nominated women MCAs, nominated Senator, Falhadha Iman said that the MCAs are the ‘eyes’ of  wananchi and so they cannot afford to let them down.

Falhadha  said that though the MCAs are doing their best, there is room for improvement.

“I want to challenge all MCAs both elected and nominated to strive to perform their oversight roles as provided for in the constitution. You should understand that you are the gate keepers of the common man as mandated by the constitution,” Falhadha said.

She said that lack of oversight may give room to misuse of public funds something she said would be catastrophic to counties especially in Northern Kenya.

“We all know that we have lagged behind in development after decades of marginalization. We cannot afford to misuse resources meant to uplift the living standards of our people,” the senator said.

“We have always complained that our region was marginalized by subsequent regimes. Devolution has given us the opportunity to manage our own resources and catch up with the rest of the country. We cannot afford to squander this chance,” she added.

The nominated Senator also challenged human right organizations in the area to join hands with the residents in ensuring that funds allocated for various projects are used prudently.

Falhadha also urged the woman leaders to use their numbers to push for gender related bills that will help to protect women.

She also called on the county government to ensure that it employs people with the right academic qualifications and the required skills.

Two  weeks ago, National Assembly majority leader, Aden Duale hit out at counties in northern Kenya accusing them of employing unqualified people and giving them prime positions at the expense of elites.

But in a quick rejoinder, area Governor Ali Korane defended the county employees, saying that they hold the positions because they are qualified and also meet other requirements.

By  Jacob Songok

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