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Marginalized groups to benefit from the new policy

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has spearheaded the development of a memorandum that will help end the discrimination of Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors and Differently Abled Persons (DAPs) in Samburu County.

Speaking today during the launch of the memorandum dubbed ‘Haki na Usawa’ in Maralal town, NCCK Samburu chapter chairman Bishop David Lebarlaiya noted that the welfare of marginalised groups such as GBV survivors and DAPs have been neglected for long in Samburu county which is an infringement of their human rights.

He said that the memorandum was developed through engagement of GBV survivors and DAPs from Samburu County who helped identify six priority issues that needed to be addressed to end discrimination.

“The issues facing these groups in Samburu county include unchecked continued practice of retrogressive and harmful culture, harassment in the public transport sector, unfriendly service delivery in key institutions, weak referral systems, lack of economic empowerment and exclusion of DAP and GBV survivors,” he said.

The bishop added that the ‘Haki na Usawa’ memorandum will be delivered in all departments in Samburu County and will be a political and accountability championing tool in regards to the needs of DAPs and GBV survivors.

“We call for a multi-sectoral model to address these properties. Samburu County will only prosper when ‘Haki na Usawa’ is applied in all processes of leadership and development by and for all people,” he said.

Sesia Leiririo, a GBV survivor said that women should be included in peace committees from the county to village level saying that they suffer the most during conflicts and their inclusion will help bring lasting peace in the county.

“We know our children better and we can help identify and report criminals in the community because we are the ones who suffer most during armed conflicts especially in Samburu north,” she said.

At the same time she urged the new county administration to establish a gender responsive budget at all levels including health and education.

By Robert Githu

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