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More Tarmac, Solar Street-lighting for Nakuru city

Nakuru City’s Lower Tom Mboya Road in Biashara Ward, has been tarmacked to the liking of residents who termed the upgrade a step in the right direction.

The, road that connects the city to Nakuru Day and Kasarani police station among other places, also has footpaths constructed on both sides of the road to ease pedestrians use, even as the residents called for proper markings to avert accidents.

City Manager, Gitau Thabanja has said the road’s design that encompasses several key aspects such as a stormwater drainage system, will effectively addresses the issue of flooding during the ongoing rains.

“Additionally, footpaths have been constructed on both sides of the road, providing a secure and comfortable walking route for pedestrians. We have solar-powered streetlights that have been installed along the road, ensuring sufficient lighting and enhancing safety for road users,” added Thabanja.

The residents, who decried insufficient markings on roads in the city, have called on the city management board to consider marking the streets, pledging to adhere to them.

“We want a more organized city with designated parking for the disabled, parking bays for bicycles and other vehicles. Many motorists have always used the walk ways to park their vehicles including those that have broken down as there is no enough space for them to pull over,” regretted Laban Omusindi.

Improvement to bituminous standards of streets and roads connecting to the city was one of Governor Susan Kihika’s promise to the people of the city, with the development, as well as construction of storm water drains in Flamingo, KITI and MbugwaMbugwa area, adding to the development of the urban infrastructure.

By Anne Sabuni

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