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Murang’a assembly adopts motion to change House committees despite opposition

Murang’a County Assembly on Tuesday adopted a motion stipulating changes on membership of house committees despite stiff competition from affected MCAs.
In the changes, chairpersons of six committees were stripped off their roles as Leader of Majority Erick Kamanda described the changes as long overdue.
Moving the motion stemmed in a Special Supplementary Order Paper, Kamanda said earlier membership of the committees was not inclusive as some MCAs served in many committees while others were left out.
Kamanda defended his move to do the changes saying majority of MCAs have been pushing for the changes so as to make the committees function effectively.
The ejected chairpersons included Kiiru Mwangi (Finance), Caroline Njoroge (PIC-PAC), Jane Muigai (Water), Lilian Kabaya (Delegated), Stanley Muhia( Governance) and Francis Githuka (Health).
The affected members accused leader of majority of ignoring regulations and procedure of the assembly to push for the changes terming the move as politically instigated.
The ejected chairpersons claimed their downfall arose when they demanded to know how funds in the assembly were utilized.
Kambui-ini MCA Githuka accused the office of Majority Leader for failing to explain how Sh22 million was utilized.
Githuka termed the changes in membership of the committee as malicious claiming they were meant to settle political scores.
“The manner the supplementary order paper with the motion to remove us as chairpersons of some committees from the start was not procedural. We are targeted after we highlighted misappropriations of funds in the assembly,” added Githuka.
Gaturi MCA Cyrus Kiiru who was ejected as chairperson of Finance Committee claimed that the Liaison committee chaired by Majority Leader went against the law as no meetings to warrant the decision had been held.
While objecting the motion, Kiiru explained that he served in the finance committee and exposed misappropriation of Sh22 million and efforts to silence him failed.
He said the move was a wide plot by the executive to crack the whip on rebels who had voiced their concerns on misappropriation of funds at Murang’a County government and County Assembly.
“I read malice in the method used to remove some committees’ chairpersons without proper procedure. The liaison committee has never held a meeting to sanction sacking of the six as the law requires,” added Kiiru.
Nominated MCA Milka Ngare staged a strong opposition to proposed changes saying the assembly has been operating without adhering to proper regulations.
Ngare accused Leader of Majority of pushing for changes in the committees, saying such a move would make the assembly not to work independently.
Gitugi MCA Mwangi Kihurunjo recounted how he was stripped off from the post of deputy speaker after he questioned the manner in which funds were misappropriated in Murang’a.
“We must fight to ensure law and order is restored in Murang’a as history will judge the assembly harshly,” said Kihurunjo.
In his defense, Kamanda denied any misappropriation of funds in the County Assembly and challenged those who have evidence to present it in relevant government agencies.
The Leader of Majority said after new membership of the committees, members would elect their chairpersons.
By Bernard Munyao

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