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Murang’a County offices Shut over Covid-19 Fears

Operations at Murang’a County government offices have been closed for 14 days after two members of staff contracted the delta variant of Covid-19.

The county multi-sectoral covid-19 emergency response committee on Wednesday opted to scale down operations at the offices after the county also recorded an upsurge of new cases.

Currently, more than 35 patients suffering from coronavirus are admitted at the county referral hospital 14 of whom were receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The surge of covid-19 cases has led the county administration to close operation of bars in two sub locations in Gatanga Sub County after more than 50 cases were reported within a span of two weeks.

On Thursday, a member of Murang’a Municipality Board Dr. Bernard Muia expressed fears that infection rates were rising daily after residents left their guard in observing the Ministry of Health guidelines aimed to contain the spread of the virus.

He told a press briefing that political and social gatherings had greatly contributed to the increase in new infections not only in Murang’a but in the entire country.

He regretted that those attending political gatherings tended to be carried away by mob psychology thus ignoring to keep distance and properly wear their masks.

Muia observed that a spot check revealed that hand washing points which in public places and also availed by traders for customers were no longer on offer unlike when the pandemic struck, a clear indication to the extent of reluctance to adhere to safety measures.

“With the current trend, we may find ourselves in another dangerous covid-19 wave. Kenyans need to know that the country is still losing people due to the disease and up to now no medication to cure the virus.” He added.

The medical help which is available, Muia said is symptomatic relief either from additional oxygen or drugs which just contain the condition.

“The best weapon to fight covid-19 is adhering to the guidelines, washing hands, keeping distance and when in public wearing masks,” he further said.

He explained that the percentage of Kenyans who have received covid-19 is very small and those already vaccinated can as well spread the disease.

The country, Muia said currently doesn’t have immune-epidemiology herd immunity saying the vaccine we have in the country is being dictated by people from other countries thus not enough jab to vaccinate all Kenyans.

“Currently about 2 per cent of Kenyans have received covid-19 jab. This percentage is very small. People also need to know you can also contract the disease even when you have received all doses of the vaccine,” added the Doctor who also chairs the department of Health, Sanitation and Environment in the Murang’a Municipality Board.

He noted that the pandemic is causing morbidity and mortality in communities saying responsibility to contain spread of the virus lies at individual level.

Medical facilities especially in Murang’a, the medical officer said are saturated with many cases thus the need for every resident to take care and avoid contracting the disease.

By Bernard Munyao

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