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Murang’a residents urged to make health checkups

Murang’a residents have been urged to make blood pressure and diabetes checkups a routine, following a rise in the number of people being diagnosed with the non-communicable diseases.

The government has made an effort to incorporate vital health check services at all Huduma center facilities for free to make the service easily accessible to its citizens.

Elizabeth Ndegwa, a nurse deployed at the Huduma Center Murang’a, observed that there are many people with hypertension and diabetes, but are not aware because it does not hurt saying the diseases are silent killers.

Ndegwa said late diagnosis of any disease portends more complications it is likely to have caused on the patient.

“It’s advisable for everyone to do regular checkups on the diabetes and hypertension diseases so as to help manage them at an earlier stage,” she said.

The nurse observed that the rate at which non-communicable diseases are affecting individuals remained high, adding that the most affected are those aged 40 years and above.

“If the patient is diagnosed with either hypertension or blood pressure at the local Huduma centre, they are referred to Level 5 Murang’a hospital where they are treated and monitored through follow up clinics,” Ndegwa noted.

She further explained that such diseases are mainly caused by lifestyles we adopt in in our daily lives though some of the cases were genetical.

“What we consume matters a lot, for instance one should consider foods rich in protein, vegetables, fruits, vitamins, fiber and take a lesser portion of carbohydrates,” advised Ndegwa

At the same time, she emphasized on making exercises a daily routine as it enhances burning of fats and maintains a healthy heart as well as a healthy body.

“I have observed that most residents are not keen on running /walking for distances, I advise people that’s the key to a healthy living, plus watching on what they eat, including balanced diet for better health,” Ndegwa added.

By Bernard Munyao and Justine Nafula

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