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Nakuru dairy farmers to offer free milk for city festivity

Dairy farmers in Nakuru County have offered to donate free milk during the soon anticipated celebrations of the town’s recent elevation to city status, as a way of showcasing its economic importance and significance to the residents.

The County Executive for Agriculture (CCA) Dr. Immaculate Maina said the suggestion was loaded with historical implications because the establishment of the town was by the colonial dairy farmers, who pioneered the Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) that has processed domestic milk since independence.

The Chairman of the Dairy Platform, Waweru Nyangi said the farmers felt indebted and appreciative because of the support they have continued to receive from the county government.

Waweru said that dairy farming was still the most profitable in the county due to the conducive climate, and organized cooperative societies that have made it easier to market their milk.

He added that the contributions of dairy farmers were visible all over the county considering the numerous buildings and businesses named ’Waziwa house.’

Speaking on Tuesday at the CCA’s office, the chairman noted that milk was precious to the farmers because it nourishes their children, and at the same time pays school fees for them without much struggle.

Also, he said once the day of the city status celebration is announced, the milk will be delivered in packets and the party will begin as the attendees enjoy the farmer’s precious white liquid. He urged Kenyans to make a glass of milk part of their daily meals and not just breakfast when they take white tea.

‘During the festivity, we want to change the mindset of a number of adults who perceives milk as children’s food and yet its nourishment was a life-long requirement of a healthy person,’ added Waweru.

By Veronica Bosibori

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