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NGOs urged to align programmes and activities to county action plan

The  Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) operating in Garissa  have been urged to align their programmes and activities  to  the  county’s  action  plan.

This  is meant to avoid duplication, wastage and mismanagement of resources.

Speaking when he met representatives of NGOs operating in the county, area County Commissioner (CC), Meru Mwangi, said that in the past there was no proper coordination of NGOs that resulted in massive duplication and wastage of resources that would have changed the lives of area residents.

“For sometime now each NGO had its own programmes and activities. They operated independent of each other. This in turn led to confusion and duplication of activities,” Mwangi said.

“We want to move away from this form of operation and all NGOs must come together and work for the betterment of the residents they serve,” he added.

Mwangi said going forward all the NGOs will be required to present their activities and programmes to a committee that he will be chairing together with the County Secretary to ensure that national and county government programs are in tandem with those of the NGOs.

The CC also challenged the NGOs to ensure that their presence in the county is not only felt but impact positively on the lives of the people they are serving.

Mwangi  said that majority of the NGOs were doing a good job in complimenting activities  of  the county and national governments but added there are still a few whose activities are wanting.

He  challenged the NGOs to ensure that their programmes and activities target women and the youth who form the majority and are faced with challenges of unemployment and retrogressive cultural practices.

On his part, the  Deputy County Secretary, Abdi  Rashid welcomed the proposal to have the NGOs align their activities with the two arms of government, noting that it will go a long way in maximising use of resources.

Rashid  said  the County  is  committed to working with the NGOs to uplift  the living standards of the people of Garissa County  as  a  whole.

By  Jacob  Songok

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