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NITA Chairman to Improve and add Courses to attract more students

The Chairman Board of Directors of the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), Aden Noor Ali, has promised to improve and add more courses to attract more learners.

The Chairman who is newly appointed was speaking during a tour at NITA in Athi River Campus, Friday, he said he plans to improve on the facilities and the courses, to better the learner’s skills and improve their lives.

Mr Ali added that he had also gone to monitor the Trade Test, which is a skills training that NITA is   providing the youth all over the country emphasising on fair evaluation and adherence to guidelines.

“This is our fourth day of exam testing. We have been going round making sure students take their exams and are here to monitor the Trade Test which is a skills test given to the youth countrywide,” said the Board Chair.

He said NITA  is committed to giving the best skills to the youth all over the country and has over 41 courses, including welding, wiring, carpentry, masonry and mechanical engineering, that the Authority give to students and several facilities to train that will suit the learners to perform exemplary.

Mr Ali further added that other countries are looking for skilled workers and implored the youth to explore the facilities at NITA, so that the join and get skills, get employed or employ themselves.

“I urge the youth to join NITA to get training and there afterward join the National Employment Authority (NEA), so that they can get employment in other countries such as in London, Saudi Arabia and the United States,” pointed the Chairman.

Mr Ali added that the skill labor that they are sending to work outside the country are remitting a lot of income to the country’s economy.

The Chairman noted that white collar jobs are not enough because they take a while to come by to get employment, yet with six months training in NITA one can be certified in wiring and can establish themselves in self-employment.

He also pleaded with Kenyans to employ the youth who have finished their course at NITA and have their certificates, so that they can improve the country’s economy.

Ali said that the Bottom-up economy is at NITA, since they give the skills that will assist them to uplift themselves and their families

The Chairman warned politicians and other leaders against giving the youth money, saying they will end-up misusing it, yet they can use that money to pay for a course at NITA and change their way of life.

By Anne Kangero

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