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Over 40 houses destroyed by windstorm at Kiwa Island

More  than 40 houses were on Thursday blown off by windstorm at Kiwa Island in Suba South Sub County.

The  destroyed buildings, included houses, business premises and rental structures that hosted several families, both at Kiwa A and B before moving to the nearby village surrounding the Island. The Suba South Beach Management Unit Network Chairman, William Onditi said that the windstorm blew off 27 iron sheet structures at Kiwa B Island before escalating to the village and Kiwa A Island where it blew off 8 and 13 houses respectively.

Onditi  added that the strong wind caused huge damages to the houses leaving the residents and the traders whose business premises were blown off in anguish.

The chairman confirmed that the windstorm rendered many people at the Island homeless after destroying their houses and properties worth an unknown value.

He appealed to the Homa Bay county department of disaster management to visit the area and provide assistance to the families that were left homeless after the incident.

The  Suba South Sub County Police Commander, Richard Cheruiyot  confirmed the incident, saying that there were no people harmed by the storm.

By  Anjeline Adisa\Davis Langat

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