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Traffic paralyzed along Meru – Mutuati roads

Miraa transport from Igembe North Sub-county was seriously affected on Saturday after traffic along the Meru –Mutuati road was paralyzed by protesters.

The  demonstrators had erected barricades and burnt tires along the busy road to protest the poor state of a feeder road that links the busy Muringene miraa market to Athiru Ruujine and some other areas of Igembe north constituency.

Police  had a hard time trying to bring some order on the busy road as the protesters engaged them in running battles as they chanted their displeasure with their Member of Parliament, John Paul Mwirigi for failing to honour his promise of ensuring the road was tarmacked.

The  demonstrators further lamented that the road was made worse by the amounts of soil poured along the road without any further action.

The  MPs reaction could not be gotten because his personal assistant, Mark Gitonga declined to speak to reporters. By the time KNA went to press the road was still blocked.

Meru-Mutuati  road is the only road linking Igembe North with Muringene, Maua and Kang’eta markets where miraa is collected for ferrying to Nairobi, Mombasa and international destinations.

By  Kamanja  Maeria

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